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We are a company that uses the cloud... We are a company that uses the cloud to provide different services for you to use to provide you with the function that a business provides their clients to further improve their websites and improve not only revenue with our analytics but also improve their skills in developing cloud websites or web apps.

We also provide you with messaging functions on our platform and many other features our main goal is to give you complete functions that you would find in a business that improves your business online we encourage you to register and find out yourself if our business has the right opertunities for you to improve your business online

Email templates

Email functions on our dashboard makes it easy to get... Email functions on our dashboard makes it easy to get emails from users all over, the user functions on email messages works with,sending messages, receiving messages and notifications on your account dashboard,messages get delivered on your account and you get the messages on your dashboard under your account

Email notifications

As we go on with email notification one of... As we go on with email notification one of our tools is the mails are delivered with messages in mind, so no waiting for your messages to get your notification function, the messages are delivered in no time with our platform, if some user sends a mail or message you get it and it then get read by you who received the mail, for pricing on our mail go to our home page where you can find the details for mail functions.

Developer editing

With a fully functional html editor our... With a fully functional html editor our product with developing tools are used to give you the opertunity to develop a website in no time, and with many features you can create your own web application

Deploy web apps

Deploy a web application in no time give your application... Deploy a web application in no time give your application a name, code your application and use the application in the cloud, before you deploy your application use it as a web app with your code, languages that are used is html, javascript and jquery, the web app can be deployed in less time using the deployment tools

Analytics users

As said data collection is descussed... Analytics user data are collected with any analytics web app, with our analytics web app we give the user their own account that they eventually use with their own tracking code that we provide in the dashboard of our analytics web app. The collected data that the user tracks on their website with their users are collected on our analytics platform the data is then processed by our servers and then eventually displayed in your dashboard under the overview.

html elements can also be tracked with our feature that tracks the elements, it can be a div tag, html tag, element id or a class, to get the most out of your analytics account within the dashboard your traffic should be higher than 800 pageviews a day the estimate calculator on your dashboard can automaticly calculate your total pageviews for the day, you are aquired to have at least 4 hours of data to have the calculator give an accurate estimate on you traffic.

The collection of the data for…

Analytics data

As said data collection is descussed... As said data collection is descussed in our terms but we can go a bit further on this because we are offering our analytics product with a dashboard overview with link tracking, element tracking and much more.The data collection that processes the analytics main functions gets introduced by one of our functions on analytics,functions that conclude the main structure of the or our analytics are pageviews, online users, bounce rate and user time on site.

The four main functions on top of the dashboard overviews are a collection of data,short description about each are and not limited, pageviews (numbers of user pages viewed), online users (number of unique user sessions), bounce rate (if user has left page on first visit), time on site (number of time user has spent on a page).All these data are collected with ease by our system on our platform.User data also encrypted as the data is collected, may more features are available on our analytics plat…


Business advertisements used in todays... Business advertisements used in todays online market are easily used to create a business online with our advertisements platform you can increase revenue and profit while optimizing website oppertunities for website creation and revenue. To increase profit with our system we optimize every click that you get on our platform, impressions are calculated with click revenue in mind the ratio of the optimization on our platform uses syphysticated user data and collection of information from our users so we provide the best price per click and cpm rates that should get your business where it needs to be for you to gain exposure on the web and for you to generate the revenue you need to get you business going online

Improve Performance

Improve performance with detailed metrics Improve performance on your website with detailed metrics that show you your website visitors and analyze the data to improve your website revenue

Real Time Data

Analyze your data in real time Get your data in real time on your analytics dashboard any data can be analyzed to improve website performace


Get analytics to improve your website performance Build your own analytics data that you collect with our analytics platform and use the data to analytize for you to view where you can improve on your website performance